"Selfsploitation" delves into the psychology of sending sexually suggestive photos of one's self by cellphone or posting them on social websites.
The project includes paintings, drawings, an essay, and a survey conducted on the artist's blog.

See essay by Dawn Okoro, Selfsploitation: Women, Technology, and the Fading Dichotomy Between Public and Private

Each painting is oil and acrylic on paper. The drawings are colored pencil and watercolor on paper.

"Girl in Lace" 48x48 inches

"Two Sashas" 48x48 inches

"Union Square Wallpaper" 36.25x48 inches

"Girl in Purple Bikini" 48x48 inches

"Untitled 12" 8x8 inches

"Untitled 6" 8x8 inches

"Untitled 11" 8x8 inches

"Robyn" 8x8 inches

"Untitled 7" 8x8 inches

"Untitled 5" 6x8 inches

"Untitled 9" 8x8 inches

"Untitled 1" 8x8 inches

"Booty Shake and Share" 8x8 inches

"Untitled 3" 4x8 inches

"Untitled 4" 8x8 inches

"Untitled 8" 8x8 inches

"Tiffany" 8x8 inches

"Untitled 10" 8x8 inches

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